Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Girlfriend Lost and Found

Treasure Chest Cancer

Dying but Not Dead and You Make Love Like War

Funeral Lover, Wild Laser Love and Battery Apple

"Monkey Fever" Performed Live on the Lower East Side, NYC 2010

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Beast of Broadway

Beast of Broadway is an all-acoustic, minimalist production by Brian Ritchie and Mike Rimbaud. Returning to his acoustic and rockabilly roots, this is his fifth CD. Songs like “7-Eleven on September 11” “After The Last Tango” and “Dirty Little Bomb” were written in Brazil and The Lower East Side post 9-11. The sound of is part Lou Reed, Billy Bragg, Dylan and Joe Stummer. In a nod to Bruce Springsteen and his first acoustic record, “Nebraska”, Mike does a smoking cover of "Atlantic City."
A singer songwriter, who first appeared on the downtown scene in the early 1990’s rocking local bars and clubs, performs frequently around the city, solo or with his trio of guitar, percussion and bass. He also played recently in New Orleans and on the west coast.
The first album, Mutiny in the Subway was recorded, mostly live in a local studio and released in the early ‘90’s. From There Mike left Manhattan touring endlessly in Europe. A second album was released, Funeral Lover and Mike continued performing across the continent, including Russia and Eastern Europe.
“Red Light” the third CD was released, produced by Elliott Murphy in Paris where Mike lived for three years with song titles like “Treasure Chest Cancer” and “American Terrorist” and “Romantic Depressive”
Back home in New York, Graffiti Trees, recorded in lower Manhattan with his band, the Subway Sun was released in 1998.
 What Was I Thinking is the latest CD from Mike Rimbaud released in the Spring of 2010. 16 new recordings from full blown out rock to acoustic punk folk . Recorded in various studios around Manhattan and Brooklyn, completed in late 2009.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Art work, Subway Blues oil on canvas, 32" x 29 inches.
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